Thursday, December 6, 2007

Double Decked Out

I just saw online today that Muni is going to be testing a double decker bus starting next week (12/12) through January 8th:

The first line they're gonna try it on is the 38L-Geary Limited, and then later on on the 38-Local, so if I'm there at the right time, I might get to try it out! The articulated buses are getting a little funky, what a great idea to replace them with double deckers and add a little London flare to our fine city.

They're just trying them out for now and seeing how they work on SF streets. They have no plans to buy any just yet, and may be trying other options as well, including a possible new articulated bus.

There will be no charge to ride the double decker during the trial.

They're diesel (although all SF diesel vehicles are now running on biodiesel) and they have a diesel/electric hybrid version in development.

Anyway, it's very exciting to see the possibility of some new busses coming our way in the near future (in addition to the hybrid buses they've already been buying)... I was really starting to get jealous of AC Transits' busses.

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