Thursday, May 17, 2007


So I saw in the paper that there's some group that's gotten together (the Geary Blvd Merchants Association, in disguise, I bet) that's trying to recall Jake McGoldrick, the District 1 (my district) supervisor. Their complaints are that he supports Geary BRT, as well as the City's minimum wage, sick leave and healthcare policies. All the reasons they hate him are the reasons I think he's doing a great job!

I sure hope they don't get it on the ballot. And if I find out who "they" are, I'll be sure to avoid patronizing there stores. It's taken so long to improve the transit situation in the Richmond, the last thing we need is a bunch of narrow minded, misdirected, out of touch business owners to stand in the way. Anyone want to start a DON'T Recall Jake McGoldrick campaign?

Metro Situation Improving?

Sorry for the infrequent posts, been busy with life (mostly in good ways).

So it seems like the Muni Metro situation has gotten a bit better. The trains don't seem to be getting all backed up in the subway as much and people just seem less frustrated in general. I saw in the paper that they're considering lots of options, including reinstating the 15 Bus Line and/or having the N-Judah go all the way to CalTrain again. They just got done changing all the maps and signs, and now they may have to change them again! I don't think reinstating the 15 Bus Line is the best idea, since it would be duplicating much of the T-Third service, but there does need to be better bus coverage for the areas that were served by the 15, and aren't served by the T. I think running the N-Judah to CalTrain again is a great idea. Right now only the T-Third and the J-Church (during peak hours) are running there, and they're usually one car trains. They really need two car trains going there, especially during peak hours. I think having the N (which is almost always a two car train) run there again would solve a lot of problems. It would help with all the peak hour capacity needed and wouldn't have to turn around at Embarcadero (which seems to be one of the things that was slowing the whole subway down in the first place).