Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Through the Park, to the Train

So I have a new routine. Rather than take the 38 Geary or 31 Balboa (which are the two bus lines by my house) to and from work every day, I've started walking through Golden Gate Park over to the Sunset district and catching the N-Judah at 9th & Irving to/from downtown. Not only is it great exercise and a great way to see our beautiful park, it's also just so much more fun than taking the bus! It's quicker and has more frequent service. And even though it tends to gets much more crowded than the buses, I still prefer it.

Oh, if only they had a MUNI Metro line out to the Richmond, I would use it constantly! Back in the day, there used to be a couple trolly lines along Geary to the Richmond and Ocean Beach, one of which was called the B-Geary. If/when they put a train line out here again, it would probably be given the same name.


greg said...

People don't believe me when I tell them that there was a train down Geary Blvd. It was closed in 1956 in anticipation of BART being extended to the ocean, so it was taken out to avoid duplication of service.

Hence, the 38 Geary. Too bad one cannot take a time machine, go back, and tell Mayor Christopher to keep it!

Brendon said...

And the BART extension to the ocean (at least along Geary) has yet to be realized!

I'd be happy to go in on that time machine with you.